The Big Square

Before the Storm.

Yes. The big square.

It made a lot of sense to me to crop the picture into a square format. Normally, I would say that square crops are sort of a vanilla design approach. It keeps the picture from showing motion. Or, direction. It’s been a fad for website designers for a while now. I think it’s simply because they don’t understand photographs. To them, they are just design elements, rather than something that speaks 1,000 words.

I’m not attacking designers. In my past I designed a lot of pages. For newspapers. For magazines. And, for books. I also know that web design is very different. You can use a lot of pictures because you don’t have to pay for the real estate of paper. When I was designing stuff, everything had to be relevant. That really does mean everything. Pictures. Words. Headlines. Even white space. Today. Not so much.  In most cases, you can not even tell what the photographer thought was the best or most storytelling picture because all pictures are the same size. Size has a weight to it that denotes importance.


That’s what I’m thinking about today. I’ve had all sorts of people tell me that they want me to stay on WordPress. So, I’ll listen. It’s too bad because I really like the ease of use on Squarespace pages. But, y’all matter to me.

That said, I guess I’ll learn about WordPress coding, at least to the extent that I can understand it. There will be some changes made. It’s likely that Storyteller will have a static front page that looks more like a website, and then a header where you can find my daily musings and drivel. I’ll build portfolio pages behind that where you can see, buy or license my work. I’m going to limit it to all things New Orleans and Southern. I really am not up for travelling to take pictures. That is, until I feel like it.

All of that came to me in the shower. I do my best thinking there.

The picture. We are kind of in between season. In calendar terms, we have three more days until winter. It feels like winter down here. Our kind of winter. I really don’t know here this picture falls. I do know that the clouds were the lead up to a short but violent storm. What’s left of the few leaves in the foreground tree are now on the ground.

I did a little bit of cool post production. Mostly what I did was darken everything, which brought out the clouds. I went back in and opened up the silhouetted parts and sharpened them so that you could see individual branches. I added a little darkness to the sides to bring the eye to the center of the picture.

That’s the story.


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