Winterlude Three

Into the clouds.

As dusk falls. the scene turns mysterios.

Before it does, sometimes the scene looks like the picture you are viewing. Especially during late fall or winter light.  You cannot miss it. It’s just there.

For the past few days we’ve had milky clouds and some rain. Eventually the clouds broke. Golden sunlight pours through the remaining clouds and you see something like this. Wait for it. Be patient. It’ll come.

Some big time nature photographers will wait in one place for just the right light. For days. They set up camp. They figure out where the light will fall. And, they wait. It used to be that it took a long time and some education to predict where the right light will eventually break through and fall.


There’s an app for that. I’d say that is just one more thing that makes everybody a photographer.


Not everybody has the patience. Not everybody is willing to camp for one picture. Not everybody is so obsessed.

That’s what separates the weekenders from the real deal. Sure. The weekender can get lucky. However, the ability to make a great picture every time is another great separator. Weekend photographers don’t. The real deal does.

This picture is a result of luck. Maybe next time I’ll miss it because I wasn’t there at the right moment. Or, I wasn’t paying attention. Or, or, or…

A little clarity.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen the black and version of this picture. Normally, I have a pretty strong opinion about which one I like best. Not this time. They are two very different pictures that just happen to share the same file.

And, one more thing. It looks like my decision about where Storyteller lives will be resolved in the next day or two. Both WordPress and Squarespace say that it’s time for my yearly subscription to be paid. You know my argument about Squarespace and free photos.

WordPress didn’t make it any easier. This is a paid blog/website. They are making me a great offer. Or, not. If I renew now they won’t charge me for web hosting which has been free in the past. They will charge me next year.

Everybody has their hands out. They want money for nothing.

I wonder how they will be react when I tell them that I’ll bring my own — — and drop theirs — — and keep the same space. I guess I’ll find out.


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  1. Its a difficult thing. WordPress makes it easy to manage and link across different blogs, but there is a price and sometimes there are restrictions that mean your blog cannot really achieve what it wants – its a compromise that doing your own thing might be a better thing ultimately. Re waiting to get the shot – maybe years ago this was worth doing – you were likely to be repaid for your patience, but today in the mass of photo work being churned out – I am not so sure its the best policy. Is it quantity or quality that makes you known and followed? I expect in some circles, the waiting game sells and its a quiet audience that appreciate it.

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    • You can do what you’d like with WP. You just have understand their style of coding. I understand very little of that so doing my own thing is a non starter. With something like Squarespace or Wix, you have templates that are adjustable without coding. But, I have philosophical issues with their partners.

      Patience is without question the best approach, especially now when so much copying is going on on sites like Instagram. I don’t care who follows me. I only care about the 10 or 12 clients that pay me for the way that I work. Trust me. Advertising agencies and corporate clients don’t care a bit about quantity. They care storytelling and making their point. I’ll say something that I rarely ever say. I shoot about ten assignments a year. My average billing per assignment is about USD $50,000. As an accountant you know that I don’t get to keep all of that. Those clients don’t care about quantity… Oh, I have to work with teams; in my studio, in the field and sometimes on press. What you see on Storyteller tell is just play time. 🤪😜🙃


  2. Yes and I got a chance message from WP about my domain and that it’s no longer in my plan and yes more money for square-space…ahhhhhh but a chance for a renewal…maybe it’s all a wonder for me 🧐 that with all my clouds….I love your blues….and thanks for sharing Ray 🤓 smiles Hedy


    • Square space is a problem for me philosophically. They have decided to partner with Unsplash, who give pictures away for free without requiring even a credit. And, if the user changes it via photoshop or the like, it becomes the user’s image. Ah yes… Ray’s Blues. That’s what one of my former employers called them.


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