What Do You Know?

Two trumpets, one musician.

This is a fine example.

An example of not letting pictures marinate long enough to see the good ones. The subtle ones. The slightly hidden ones.

As you know, I photographed the Dumaine Street Gang second line a week ago in Treme. I showed you a few pictures, moved into my comings and goings and thought I was done.

Oh no.

My final work flow is to run through the outtakes just in case I missed something. Then, I addย  any further selected images to my archives.

This time?

Not so fast, buddy.

It appears that I missed five pictures. Five pictures that you might like. Five pictures that my more editorial agent might like. Five pictures that are just too many for me to miss. Miss one. Miss two. That’s okay. But, this was like I was culling with one eye closed.


Here they are. They are more graphic than documentary. That’s just fine. The top picture really caught my eye. Normally, you don’t see one musician playing two trumpets. You still don’t. Two trumpet players were facing each other. In the street.

The bottom picture is another one that made me wonder what I was doing all last week. I wanted to catch the mass of brass. Something like that needs a subject, like the man in the foreground happily playing away. It helps the building in the background is painted a light shade of purple.

In many ways, this is a weird set of pictures. Even though brass bands working the streets are a little chaotic, they generally face in one direction. You know, like a band walking down the street. These guys are all over the place. They are facing each other. They are off on the side. They are turned in every direction. I guess this is what happens when you crash a couple of bands with extras who normally don’t work together.

All brass. All light.

One more thing. A good thing. The dog who sees stuff is a full-blooded Cocker Spaniel. She came with an AKC registration. She’s also a rescue dog. The person who owned her passed away at 85 years of age. We scooped her up. She was never really trained well and often ate food near the table.

She’s smart as she could be. Training was easy. We make homemade food. Every dog loves it. But, she never had a bone. Ever. I felt terrible. Every dog should have a bone. I’ve tried in the past and she didn’t know what to do with it.

Tonight. We had really thick double cut pork chops. Nice, thick solid bones. I put one near her and walked away. Pretty soon she was tasting it with her tongue. Then she started it nibbling at it. Now she’s laying down happily chewing away at it.


Every dog should have a bone.


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    • The guy in the top picture was an amazing player. While most of the music is often chaotic, he was playing notes inside of the chaos. Whew. Thank you. I try to get inside of them. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ


  1. I’m glad you were able to get a hold of these “missed” photos!
    The top photo was especially something!

    I remember you’d written on your posts to always try and do one more review of each file before deleting (and to wait till viewing on a larger screen, not the small thumbnails on the camera). That advise has helped me a lot ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I never delete. Because I started with negatives it was too hard to cut out a bad frame in the middle of the roll, so never deleting became a habit. Of course, I have way too many hard drives and cloud storage. For me, I just canโ€™t see well enough on little LCDs to make good choices.


      • Of course! Even with snapshot photos, I was advised to never cut the negatives… I agree, the challenge in this digital age is to manage all the hard drives and cloud storage. I have had actual nightmares that my portable HDD’s go bust, or that something happens to the cloud. There never seems to be a fool-proof solution. As always, thank you for engaging in conversation ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. In theory, you save files to two portable HDs and another set to the cloud. I store one set of HHDs away from my home. All cloud s are not equal. I use either Google or Amazon since thatโ€™s really how they make most of their money. I use Google since thatโ€™s where most of my business runs from.


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