On Halloween.

This a little late.

I know. I know.

I posted this on Instagram and Facebook. I realized that most of you hadn’t seen it.

That was too bad because I really like this picture, especially in black and white. To be honest, I overlooked it. In color it didn’t do much for me. Given that any of us who work with digital files start with color, that’s understandable. Unless you are completely black and white oriented, it’s often hard to look at a color file and see the beauty of a possible monochromatic image. I certainly didn’t at first.

Then, I did.

I posted it on Instagram because I try to post only in black and white there, and not duplicate what I do here on Storyteller. I share from there to Facebook and Twitter.

If you only follow me here. You didn’t see it.

Sorry about that.

Now you do.