Like Halloween.

Just like Halloween. Just two weeks early. As you know, pictures happen when they happen. This one happened at the end of our late dog walk. She was patient considering she was hungry and hadn’t had dinner yet.

I doubt that I could have made the picture with my old phone. This new one… whew. I’m anxious to make a good sized print. In theory there should be no problem going larger than 16×20 inches.

Because… I learned a new phrase.

Computational photography.

In short, although the sensor in a smartphone is tiny and therefore the image file size is tiny, the onboard computer compensates for that by interpolating it into something much larger. This does not bode well for the pocket and bridge camera market. I’ll tell you more as I learn more. This should be fun.


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  1. You encourage me to experiment with my phone a little more. I took some half-way decent photos of the moon not long ago. I wouldn’t go so far as to brag about them, lol, but they were better than I would have expected, and much better than any I’ve taken with my other cameras. It made me wonder what it might be capable of producing if I take a little time to experiment. I’m glad your dog let you take just a little more time before she demanded dinner. This is a really cool photo.

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    • Depends on the phone. Newer ones do very well. My new phone is amazing when it comes to photograph. If you set it one pro, you can set f stops and shutter speeds. You can also do all processing within the camera mode. And, there is a slider which really turns the lens into a zoom, meaning there is no need for little aftermarket lenses.


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