Brilliant sky at day’s end.

A Friday picture.

It seemed like everybody is posting sunset pictures over on Facebook. I thought, “why shouldn’t I?”

The trick, I think, to making a good sunset picture is to keep something in the foreground. Without it, a sunset picture or a big moon picture, loses its sense of time and place. Lacking that, a picture becomes just one of many that look like each other. They could have been made at any time. I’m pretty sure that you’ll forget about them by years end unless you are a photo artist who uses pieces of different pictures to create something entirely new. There are not many of those, and fewer still who do them really good.

This picture was made while I was on the way to someplace else.

At first the sunset wasn’t all that remarkable and then it was, “Oh my God.” I did what I could to find something in the foreground to give the picture some kind of context and pressed the button. The camera was set on auto so it tried to expose for the shadow area which would have blown the highlights out to the point of recognizability. I changed the settings and this is the result. I made things a little darker in post.

Have a good Friday and weekend.