Little mister.

I don’t always photograph an event for its own sake. I love to look around before and after the event. Sometimes what I find is more interesting than the event itself.

That might be especially true with second lines. They are unique to New Orleans. They have very special individual characteristics. After photographing them for seven years, I’ve come to know a lot about each of them. I’m still learning.


If I were to review my collection of images in one long session, and step away from the tiny details of each second line, the pictures start blending into something that looks all the same. I can only imagine how it must be for you, my readers and friends.


I think it’s time to stop sharing them. You know I can make some reasonable images from the middle of what amounts to a rugby scrum. I know I can too. But, what if I turned that energy to something else? I really haven’t roamed the streets of New Orleans in a long while. The city is unique and interesting enough that it could keep me busy for years. I kind of stopped doing that because I thought, “I’ve been there, I’ve been there, and…” Maybe that’s wrong. Things always change.

I’m kind of thinking out loud, but I do have other image interests. I’d better explore them.

The picture. I can’t resist a happy child. I managed to nail the exposure so that you can see his eyes through his cool sunglasses. Check them out. He’s happy just to be right at the front of the second line. His smile confirms that. His auntie, right behind him, has my business card. I hope she reaches out. They should have this picture.