At the heart of it.

This is the heart of us. Green. Water. Renewal.

I published something like this a couple of weeks ago. I like this version better. There is more water. More droplets. And, much better framing.

You already know what I think. So I’ll leave it here.

The picture is fairly simple. See it. Take your time. Frame it. Expose it. Develop it. That’s it. You are done.



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  1. Hi Ray, I’m back already! You mentioned you like this photo better than the one you published two weeks ago. I was studying the photos just now (hey, how else am I going to comment on this unless I look at both of them at the same time?) and I agree.

    But there is so much more to this photo than nicer framing and more water droplets. This shade of green is nicer. The veins are prominent and more visible through the droplets.

    Now, the droplets. Some of them have a great burst of light reflecting off of them. Maybe it is from a flash if you used one, but it looks neat. Other droplets are letting my imagination run. I see shapes of animals and other things. Using my imagination makes me smile.

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    • Good. 😁 I’m pretty sure the shade of green is better because of heavy rain that preceded the picture. It washed the leaf and watered the plant. With all our rain in the past week our normally end of summer plants are looking very healthy.

      I rarely use a flash on that kind of work. The image is catching a highlight from the sun that was dancing in and out of the clouds.


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