Into the mystic.

Sun, rain, sun, rain.

Rinse and repeat.

Sometimes it’s a little bit inconvenient, but it is worth it in the aftermath. Plants, veggies and flowers are growing in wonderful ways. Skies are turning into light shows almost every night. There is a clean and crisp (for about an hour) feel to the air.

Unfortunately, it’s still fairly hot and humid for most of the day. That doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Two week forecasts indicate our summer-like weather will not relent in the next two weeks.  There is a cold front coming, but unlike Texas and states to the north who are experiencing 60 degree days, ours will last for a few hours.


I guess you can tell that by now I’m getting a little impatient for fall weather. I always thought that people who are from here don’t mind our seemingly never-ending summer. That’s not true. They complain about it as much, or more, than I do.

I keep wondering why I bother to stay. Of course there is the culture and all the things I photograph. But, I can’t tell you when we opened the windows last. Probably back in late April. The air-conditioned life is fine. But, still…


Today is a big day in the U.S. If you follow the news you know that the appointment of a new supreme court justice is off the rails. I never used to be very partisan, but I’m becoming one. I really hate stuff being shoved down my throat by people who don’t care about me. For the record, I believe the women. I’ve known plenty of guys like Brett Kavanaugh. They were punks in high school, they were punks in college and they are punks now. There I said it. On a non-political blog.

Anyway. Part two.

The picture. I saw the tree popping out above the rest of the tree line. I didn’t see the color in the sky as much as I saw the dusky glow. I brought out the color and sharpened the silhouette in post production. It wasn’t heavy-handed post. It was enough to bring out what I saw in my mind’s eye.

There you have it.

Weather. History. Pictures.

What a day.