At Least

Taking our minds off of all the news.

Storms to the east. Fires to the west. A liar up north.

I don’t know about you, but I need a break. From the news. From thinking about prepping for the next three potential storms.

That’s what this picture is about.

Rain poured down at night. By morning, the sky was bright and clear with just a few white puffy clouds. The all-seeing dog and I went for a walk. She decided that sitting was in order. We found a bench. I sat on it. She sat on the grass. I looked up and saw this picture. I pushed the button. We sat a while longer. When we got home, I headed to the studio where I tinkered with it and helped it to glow.

That’s what I wanted. A bright, glowing picture that reminds me of  1930s Art Deco posters.



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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, Ray. It really is! Tranquility!

    I am on an “all music” diet for a little while. The latest “stuff” has pushed me over the edge! I think it’s possible that my head could explode. I was away for a couple of days and the home we stayed in played classical music 24/7 and I felt the stress fall away. I am my own nemesis when I don’t listen to my inner voice to “turn off the noise!” 🙂

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    • We dpo the same thing, but it’s jazz. These days i stayed tuned in just enough to make sure I know what I need to know to protect myself. (A hurricane can change direction in a day or two) The rest is noise. Oh, and I never read the comments unless they are art related.


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