Big Storm Comin’

What it feels like.

Hurricane Florence.

I’m not sure what I can add to everything you’ve likely read or watched. Unless you are actually there, or  hunkered down waiting to help as first responders, there’s not much more you can do. You can have a good thought. You can pray, You can donate to one fund or another which might help the storm survivors repair billions of dollar worth of damage.

It doesn’t matter. Do whatever you can.

As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, I know how long it took for me, my friends and my region to get back on its feet. In some areas, normal life still isn’t back. And, it’s be thirteen years. Brad Pitt’s Make It Right houses are already starting to fall apart. I just read that each house was constructed for around $20,000. What can you build these days for that kind of money that will stand the test of time?


One thing to know is that stacked up behind Florence in the Atlantic Ocean are three more named hurricanes. Two of them look like they could get into the Caribbean Sea, which means there’s a good chance that can get into the Gulf. It could be that around this time next week, I’ll be asking you to have a good thought for me.

The picture. I made this picture during one of our heavy downpours this week. I tinkered with it a little bit and gave it that weird colored sky that you often get with hurricanes. I made it through the windshield. If you look toward the top you can see a leaf stuck to the glass. It’s sort of hiding there in the silhouette of the tree.

Good thoughts, prayers and actions, folks. My water brothers slightly to the north are going to need them.


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  1. We’ve been watching coverage all day and into this evening, and one comment we continue to make to each other, my husband and I, is that we CANNOT imagine! A dozen or so years ago I was in Florida in Miami and a hurricane was coming. We were at the end of our time and weren’t a part of the story, except that I was anxious just watching residents and the hotel personnel starting with the boarding up the windows and anchoring down all they could. It is a foreign experience to those of us in the west. Seeing the computerized images of what is expected in storm surge blows my mind! I watch with deep concern and will be ready to donate relief funds in the aftermath.

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    • As I said, and borrowing from the late Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part. The only way to approach preparing is something I just heard. “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” When we were prepping for Gordon that never happened, each one us knew our part and just did it. That does one more thing… you don’t have time to watch unrelenting television coverage. 😜😳🤪

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