Summer leaf.

The end of summer.

Little details. Seeing. Looking. Feeling.

That’s all this picture really is about. I saw the leaf on an outdoor table. I framed it in a way that you could see the leaf and see the table. Then I went to work on it. That’s it.

Old business.

You’re gonna laugh. Remember Tropical Storm Gordon? The storm that did nothing? It broke apart over Northern Mississippi and Arkansas. The last of the winds pushed it back this way and we got soaked yesterday. As they say, “If the lightning don’t get you, the thunder will.”

The rain is pouring down as I write. This rain has nothing to do with Gordon. It’s just that time of year. There are three storms forming in the Atlantic. I’ll worry about them later.

Google issues. A lot of people are complaining about it. I didn’t know that until I Googled it. How’s that for irony? There is no real work around yet unless I want to go back to a very early desktop from about 2012. That really won’t work.

So, I did a better thing. I saved the WordPress dashboard page as a bookmarked website and placed it on my bookmarks bar. One click and I’m here. This is better than it was on the Google desktop.


I can be creative when I’m forced into it.


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  1. I talked to a friend in west Texas who was telling me about all the rain they’d had, too. She’s originally from SoCal so we talk about her abundance and my lack of rain! I had asked it if it was due to Gordon and she said not at all, but another storm coming from the north somewhere. I am somewhat obsessed with following weather patterns. I think I’m just envious.Your photo is really compelling, Ray. I could almost believe I was looking at gold jewelry in a leather case. Gorgeous!

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  2. If your friend lived in Houston or down around there, the weather would be about the same as ours. We have three storms making their way across the Atlantic. One was around before Gordon and it appears that it will hit Charleston dead on as a Category 4 Hurricane. There are two behind it that are way too early to call. Thank you for you comment about this picture. It was sort of a left over. One I wasn’t sure of.


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