Big Storm Comin’ Soon

Moving faster.

The headline means more than the picture.


New Orleanians hunker down in neighborhood bars during big storms. One is on it’s way. It’s already named. It’s called Gordon. At this point it will make landfall near the Mississippi – Alabama border. It may actually arrive there as a hurricane. We should have heavy winds, 5 to 7 inches of rain and a storm surge of 3 to 7 feet.

For sure, some neighborhoods will have some kind of flooding. Despite all the hype about repairing the storm pumps and all of that, we are still very fragile. I’m not so worried about that. I am worried about a loss of power. That system is fairly fragile too. If I disappear for a day or two, no worries. We’ll be barbecuing and drinking cold coffee drinks.

One thing to know. We are always prepared. We have batteries. We have storm lanterns. We have gallons of water. We have a small generator, but it’s not big enough to power a house.

Mostly, it’s just nature’s way of reminding us who is boss.

The picture. Another one from the Carousel Bar. Yeah. I’m going to milk that take for as long as I can. Heh!

I like exploring motion. I was on some forum, probably on Facebook, when somebody was talking the new mirrorless cameras from Nikon and Canon. He said that he wanted more ISO. More ISO equals faster speed in dark situations. I asked him why. He wanted everything to be sharp. Hmmm. I don’t. I don’t want my image to be out of focus, but I love motion blur.

But, that’s just me.


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    • Thank you. The only forecast I care about is NOAA’s, which is what the weather people on local news channels use. As of their 2pm bulletin, we should get 6-8 inches of rain, have a storm surge of around 4-8 feet, which will not affect us and the storm will blow through from about 8 pm Tuesday until early morning Weds. We lose power when two squirrels walk on a power line, so that’s our biggest issue. The power. Not the squirrels. Right now, we have medium clouds and a little sun.

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