Not the usual view.

This is the place.

The Carousel Bar in The Hotel Monteleone. It’s not the usual picture.

The usual picture is the one that shows the entire carousel and is usually photographed from one of the bar entrances. Everybody makes that picture. Even me. Mine lives in various photo agency files. It is rarely licensed because why would you? If everybody takes this picture, then somebody is willing license it for a couple of dollars. But, that guy isn’t me.

I was taught early on to make a picture that is a little different.  Not just for salability but for aesthetic and artistic reasons. Sometimes I can do that. Often, I can’t. And, sometimes clients want the same old thing. That’s what their art director saw once and that’s what he or she wants. Imagine hiring a guy like me and art directing to make a picture that’s been already made 100 times.

Don’t make me say it.

This picture falls outside of those bounds. For sure it’s the Carousel Bar. You can see that in the lights and the left side of the picture. But, the uniqueness comes from the woman at the bar facing one way contrasted with the man standing in the window looking the other way at two women who are lighted by the window. For me, that’s the picture.



When I saw the Band of The Welsh Guard play “Respect” during the Changing of the Guard in London some 3,748 miles away from Detroit, Michigan, I had to say something.

This is a sad weekend for those of us in this house. We lost two icons in two weeks. Aretha Franklin and Senator John McCain. You know what I think about the late senator. But, Aretha? Well, she is the foundation of almost all things musical in the modern world. We shall never see the likes of them again.


I read a piece by Ken Burns, of so many great documentaries. A man who is really the storyteller. He said that he learned two things about McCain while he was working on his documentary, “Vietnam.” McCain respected everybody and he truly listened to them.

Hmmm, I thought.

Maybe we should try that. Maybe we should stop polarizing everything like a hamburger and just try walking in another person’s shoes. Forget walking a mile. Perhaps even the first few feet will be unbearable to you and I.

Peace, y’all.

Rest in Peace. Aretha Franklin and Senator John McCain.