The Second Line Season Begins

Little princess is all smiles.

The first one.

The first second line of the 2018 – 2019 season.

Seems like just about everyone came out. I saw folks that I haven’t seen in almost a year. I saw old friends. I made a couple of new ones. It was loud. There were great smells from vendors who were barbecuing. It was colorful. And, man oh man, it was hot.

But, it was all good.

The Valley of the Silent Men took to the streets almost on time. New Orleans time. The second  line turned left, then left again  and finally made its way to Claiborne. A lot of us were dropping out by that time. You know how I said it was hot?

It was really hot.

A friend of mine gave up when he felt a little woozy.  I think that he’s finally growing up. Heh! He’d have kept walking — as I would — a year ago. When I got home I was able to wring my clothes out. Everything was soaked. Even my socks. I suppose that we’ll have to make a few adjustments until the weather mellows out a bit… in 24 or 25 months. Kidding. Always kidding.

The pictures. You know that I can’t be in about five or six places at once in order to really tell a story.

So, I just made a little portfolio of what I saw. These are mostly just portraits. We’ll see what I find for tomorrow. The guy at the bottom is the flag bearer. He carries the banner of the Valley of the Silent Men. He’s somewhat prepared for the heat. And, the sweat. If I had any brains, I’d wear a wide-brimmed hat, a towel and carry a couple of bottles of water. There’s an issue with that. I try to travel light.

Maybe I’ll forego lightness and dress that part. The part of Lawrence of Arabia.

Hiding from the heat.


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  1. There really isn’t anything comparable anywhere in the world, do you think? This is such a fascinating tradition. That everyone “braves” the heat to keep it going is remarkable!


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