Another Look

Trapped in a world created by a life-preserver.

I lost it. I found it.

Remember the life-preserver picture that I posted a few weeks ago? This is the much tighter version of it. I didn’t select it then because there is no context. You have no idea what you are looking at. Since you’ve seen that one, it doesn’t really matter about the context for this one. That is, assuming you saw the first one. Heh, heh, heh.

This time I went full monty. I did about everything I could do in post production. I wanted to remove about all the subject’s context. You can barely tell that the main subject is leaves. I also made it look like it is glowing from below. I wish I could say that was my intent. Instead, it’s by-product of all my tinkering. The twisting of knobs. The sliding of sliders. To my credit, once I saw it, I made every effort to enhance it.

I went for art, rather than a document. There are a lot of versions of this image. Remember, I save as I go. Ask me in an hour which one I like best and I’ll give you a different answer. Look at the image below. That is the version I made after cleaning up and enhancing what amounts to the raw capture. Yes. There is some post production. But, not nearly as much as the image I offer to you as the finished version. It’s not quite as mysterious. And, it may make more sense to you.

Original leaves.


That’s the picture. And, a little bit about my working methods. I wouldn’t call it workflow because for this picture, it was all over the place. If you take anything from this, it could be something like… Study. Practice. Study. Practice. Study. Experiment. Practice.


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  1. Both look like pieces of glass as seen through a kaleidoscope. I like the the one you posted today the best, because it’s like a beautiful impressionist piece of art. But like you’ve noted, ask me again…I might say I prefer the first!

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  2. I’m with Debra on all counts, but I also spent some time scratching my head trying to figure it out (understand the image). Maybe that’s a good thing – making the viewer stare and think, and think some more. I find myself wanting to zoom out to see the whole life preserver. Being conventional, probably.

    I also appreciate the advice at the end of the post. And here’s a question for you: how do you watermark your images? You advised me to do that a while ago and I’m just getting around to it. I see on Google that there are lots of processes and tools and am just curious about your methodology. I’ll probably get an inexpensive app from the App Store but I’d love to know what the pro does.

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    • Just so you know, I published the whole life preserver about a month ago. I’m not sure if good art should make you scratch your head, but I am fairly certain that it should often remove you from your comfort zone, which may be about the same thing.

      I use inexpensive photo editing called Affinity. It is sort of a Photoshop clone that was rated the number one new software a couple of years ago by just about everybody. It isn’t difficult to learn and I think it coasts under $50 and upgrades are free. It’s the kind of software that you should look at because pretty soon you will be wanting to play with your pictures. Given that you can pay $9.99 for Photoshop/Lightroom forever. or you can buy this one once…

      BTW, pros find the least expensive most efficient way we can because this stuff is just sunk costs.


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