World Photography Day



Today is World Photography Day.

At least, that’s what Twitter told me.  If you don’t get hung up in opinions, sometimes Twitter can be very informative. Or, at least, it can lead you to someplace that is informative. Sorta.


I thought that I would select some of my best pictures for the first half of 2018. Actually, I cheated just a little. I included images for seven-and-a-half months. I selected images of people and events. I did not add any of my semi-nature, and what the dog saw, work. I could probably do any entire post about that. But, this is where my heart is. For today.

You are looking at pictures from second lines (not many because I didn’t go to that many), Mardi Gras, St, Joseph’s Night, Downtown Super Sunday, a Mardi Gras Indian Funeral, and the Stachmo Summer Festival.

Drop down to just above the sunset picture for more. Please.

Loud noise.
Once in a great while…

To me, this little portfolio is pretty amazing. I really didn’t work the streets like I normally do. Most of you know why. This will change with the start of second line season in a couple of weeks. I can’t give up what brings me joy and just wither, dry up and get old. Besides, I have a new doctor with a different spinal pain management theory. So far so good. The only problem so far is that the new meds seem to lower my blood sugar. That’s okay as long as I keep something like yogurt or fruit around.

That said, what amazes me is the number of pictures that I produced in what is really a very short time. I like them You may not. That’s the cool thing about art in any form. Nobody has to agree.

Enjoy the day. Enjoy photography today.

Or, be like me. Enjoy photography everyday.

Sunset in a special place.


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  1. Ray, thank you for sharing these as a portfolio of work. Amazing. “Loud Noise” is got to be near the top of my list. The vibrations seem to be coming off the screen.
    Best with your new doctor. I hope it continues for the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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