To someplace else in the rain.

New Orleans summers.

Sunny. Rain. Mist. Sunny. Rain and so on. We live in a giant hothouse. Our plants grow well. Our weeds grow well. The insects grow well. Too well. The dogs’ hair gets curly. So does the humans hair. But, out skin stays nice, glowing and mostly unwrinkled.


The tomatoes. And, the peppers.

It is likely that sometime during the day, you will get rained on.¬† You’ll get wet. Be ready for it. Many of us — locals — don’t fight it. A pair of shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops is about all we wear. If we get wet from the rain or extreme humidity we take our clothes off and jump in the shower for a quick rinse. Not in the street. What are you thinking? At home.

The tourists? Oh well. They fight it. Long paints in 90 degree heat and humidity. Some kind of heavy walking shoe because our streets are so rocky, and an umbrella. Mostly, they struggle. It does not look like any fun. That’s what they take away from our fair city. We are hot, humid and wet.

Welcome to life in the summer. The rainy season. The storm season. And, lest we not forget, the hurricane season. We are right in the middle of it.

No worries.

The rainy season also means you’ll likely drive in and out of rain storms. Ours are often driven by the crescent in the river. Or, the direction from which they came. It can be storming in one neighborhood and sunny in the next.

That said, the picture. If I want to go from downtown (The French Quarter) to Uptown (The Garden District) I use what we euphemistically¬†call the Claiborne Flyover. It’s a place where you catch the interstate from downtown, get on the interstate, stay right, get off the interstate and still be on a Claiborne… in a different neighborhood. It’s a time saver.

That’s what I was doing, when a hard rain started to fall. So, I did a drive by. My kind. With a camera, not a weapon. The picture is the result. No worries about my being distracted. Auto everything. Put the camera on the dashboard. Press the button. Let the camera do its job. I look straight ahead into traffic. Still in control of the car. And, hopefully, of myself. Heh!