Taller than all the rest.

And on the third day.

Yes. Third day of posting images from the Stachmo birthday second line, and the Stachmo Summer Fest, and I’m happy to say that I’ve got plenty of images to share. Sometimes, that can sort of become an issue.

But, my mojo sort of came back — even if it’s only for a short time — on Sunday.

I did the things that I can do, and wisely stayed away from what I couldn’t. I worked the front end of the parade where I thought some of the best action would be. I did not try to walk the entire length. That would have likely killed me. Or, if not. I’d likely still be recovering.

Here we are two days later,  and I took the dogs for a long morning walk, coming home just dripping from sweat. And, embracing it.

That’s the trick.

The easy stuff is easy. The hard stuff is the thing you should embrace.

Yes. Getting old is not for the faint of heart. But, it should mean that those of us who are getting old are also getting wiser. Or, not. Ask me about this tomorrow. Heh!

Waiting. Just waiting.
Starting them young.

The pictures. Just pretty much doing what I do. I wander around, smile a lot and ask with my gestures if anybody minds. Obviously some folks have posed for me. Others, not so much. Even in the bottom picture, I asked. See the guy with the baseball cap, sunglasses and beer in hand? He’s finishing his nod, “yes.”

Oh, and about the women on the stilts? It’s my fault that I don’t know her. She’s been out there for the last four or five years with a male partner. It’s my loss that I don’t know them.