Watching me watching him.

The Satchmo Summer Fest. Day one. Dancing through the raindrops. And, watching Navy jet fighters roar by overhead.

As usual, the music started on time — not like in a club. It was old school jazz standards played wonderfully by bands that look like they time shifted from maybe the 1920s. Of course, the music is mostly that of Louis Armstrong, played in different versions by bands whose members weren’t born when he was at his peak. I take that back. I heard a slowed down, sweet version of “Wonderful Life,” played by Preservation Band that almost had me forgetting to make pictures.  Now, that’s something.

I left early today, mostly because I needed to figure out recovery time. Working in the weather that we call summer is very draining. Even with proper hydration, I generally feel like a used wash rag when I get home. I need to rest a bit. After all, I am an old guy. Now, I have a better idea of what to do. For one thing, there are a lot of adult beverage companies that sponsor the fest. Enjoy them. Drink responsibly and remember that they work as a diuretic. That means unless you are drinking beer, have a drink followed by a bottle of water. Your body will thank you. So will the NOPD. Heh!

Luckily, I don’t drink. I also don’t eat when I’m working despite all the good food.

The discussion about the pictures is below the group. Read on.

The pictures. Hmmm. Knowing that I didn’t have all sorts of developing time, I made two sets of in camera files. I always make RAW files because that’s like a fully formed negative. All the data, all the information, is there. Anything else strips data out of the image file.

This time I made two sets of files. RAW and the largest JPEG files the camera could make.  The in camera JPEG files are what you are looking at. Pretty impressive, eh? I suppose if all I photographed was editorial work I could get by making only in camera JPEGS. But, my work is way more commercial than that. That’ll teach me.

Housekeeping day two. I’ll be even later tomorrow. I want to work at the end of the sets. I want to see and hear some of the main acts. They don’t start coming on until about 5pm.

What we came for.