Satchmo Summer Fest

Satchmo Fest second line parade.

It starts. Tomorrow.

Satchmo Summer Fest. A three-day musical celebration of Louis Armstrong’s life that takes place in The French Quarter. The musician’s list is long and mostly local. I could go on and on about this. But, why do that when you can see pictures starting tomorrow? It does surprise me that after 18 years our own legend, Irma Thomas, is making her festival debut.

There are also fairly high energy events outside of the Quarter, including the second line at which I made this picture. It follows the jazz mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Treme.

This work is fairly straight ahead documentary imagery. It will be like that for the next five days or so on Storyteller.

The picture. It was made two years ago at the Satchmo birthday second line. A Sunday event following the mass. Musicians are playing all manner of brass instruments. This parade would not be complete without the Baby Dolls who are displaying their colorful parasols  on the street.

The Satchmo Summer Fest is produced by French Quarter Festivals and is sponsored by Chevron.

Oh yeah. There’s food. Great food. Local food.

A little bit of housekeeping. Normally I try to schedule a post for about noon, New Orleans time. For the next couple of days, I’ll be late. I’d like to show you the most fresh, up to date material that I can. Look for my posts around 6pm NOLA time through Sunday night. I’ll have a wrapper on Monday morning.

Stay tuned.

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