Pretty. Not pretty.

This isn’t what you think.

This about New Orleans.  This is about the New Orleans that makes national news. This is about the city in the throes of summer. This is about murder. Mayhem. Mass shootings. Rolling shootings. This is about at least 11 people shot, leaving three dead. This is about the first shooting that looks like some kind of hit. Ten shot, three dead. About a woman who was shot somewhere near the entrance to I-10, but was part of a rolling gun battle that ended up in Metairie, some five miles away.

That’s what this post is about.

This is about the New Orleans that tourists ignore, forgetting that there was a double shooting on Bourbon Street on Friday night.

I’m not sure which is worse. A city that is so violent that the local police seem to be powerless. A city that is so broken that the water system doesn’t work. A city that can’t pump water out of its streets fast enough that even a hard rain causes heavy flooding. Or, a city that can’t fix its streets within any sort of reasonable time frame.

I don’t know. You pick.

We have a new mayor. The jury is still out on her. Way, way out on her. We are trying to rebuild a broken police force. Yet, two new officers were just fired because they beat an unarmed man while they were off duty. They beat him because he was wearing camo clothing and he didn’t look right to them. He looked Hispanic to them.

I know the country is angry. Polarized. It ain’t getting any better at the national level. It’s getting worse.

That said, New Orleans survives on tourism. It is really the city’s only form of major income. Yeah, yeah. There are some technical companies moving in. But, that money isn’t for the people who live in the city.

I just have to wonder what happens when the tourists get scared enough not to come to New Orleans. When a mass shooting directly involves some people from California. Or, Philadelphia. Or, Seattle. When it really become national news. On CNN. In the New York Times.

Oh yeah.

The picture. Hot summer nights. Kind of mysterious. Kind of funky. A little bit scary. I pretty much left this picture alone in post production. Mostly, I darkened it. And, added a little haze.

Haze. Like our hazy city.


Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at Ray@Laskowitzpicturess.com or Pictures34@me.com. For a quick look at my work please go to www.laskowitzpictures.com.

15 thoughts on “Heat

  1. I read about some of the weekend violence in the Los Angeles Times. I’m truly sorry to hear that such a historic city with all that there is to offer in tourism could become identified with such unsavory labels. Let’s hope your mayor has what it takes to make appropriate changes. As for the comments regarding the tenor of the nation right now, in particular as relating to any minority population, I’m deeply troubled.

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    1. Thank you. Yes. With 11 total people being shot this made national news. New Orleans, being a port city has always been rough. In fact, in the 1990s, the yearly murder total was about three times what it is today. But, that was restricted to certain neighborhoods at certain times. And, it was always about drugs. Not now. I go home from downtown (The French Quarter) on the very street where the mass shooting happened.

      I have very little faith in our new mayor, who failed to manage her city council credit card to the tune of about $8,000 in personal expenses which she paid back during her mayoral campaign. She makes a big deal about being the first black woman mayor. Her competition was also a woman and black, who resigned her judgeship in order to run. We voted for her. I would have had a lot of faith in her. I don’t care about race or sex. She was a much better candidate.

      As far as the nation goes, the best thing that happened was Obama was elected. The worst thing that happened was Obama was elected. Even he thought that when Trump won. He thought he was too early. Maybe, but this country has a nasty streak that Trump has made okay.

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  2. Always two sides to every city, maybe even here, although deep in cow country, probably not. I hate all this black versus white issues. Who cares – can you do your job is all I am interested in, with an additional comment – “and don’t act an arse in the process”!

    Not much to report here, except on a local level, our farmer lost 4 cows, pregnant and a fine bull in the lightening storm. Lightening hit tree, electrified the ground – bang! That was it – all dead. Hopefully the insurance company will do their job and act responsible.

    Health update – back so so, but stuck a huge splinter in finger and had to have surgery. French hospital went a bit over the top. It was more like a heart transplant than a splinter removal. Now another health scare…no details yet as might be a false alarm. Take care.


    1. Thank you for writing this. We are traveling and so I kind of forgot your pictures. Home in a couple of days. You’ll get them then.

      Unfortunately, most people in this country care about race issues. Black v white dates back to the slavery days and how they were ended. Be freeing the slaves, the South lost most of its wealth without recourse. Had Abraham Lincoln lived, I’me pretty sure reconstruction wouldn’t have been so painful and the level of hate decreased. Instead, it’s been boiling for 150 years.

      I usually just do those kinds of minor surgeries myself, having been trained to do some of that.

      Let me know about your other health scare. Now I’m worried. Hopefully, it’s nothing. I’ll tell you about my last health scare some time. 🙂

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      1. Bit private. Basically the opposite end to my head! Find out in a week if everything functioning. Enjoy your travelling. It’s mighty hot here in central France so mainly in the garden pottering.

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  3. I didn’t hear…I’ve had to stop so much news makes me sad…and more jaded…been walking new places and bike riding and living in LR…thinking of you…sending you joy Ray ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

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      1. I can’t imagine…yet I am far more alert walking on busy streets…or crowds…even here but then I also know my history and I’m often on hyper alert…take care Ray…took my big dog for a big urban walk though to downtown…in the rain…it felt refreshing 🤓✌️☺️

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      2. Once, in the old, old days I flew helos a war. I learned how to see out of all sides of my head. That serves me today. But, this stuff is different. OTH, great day today at Satchmo Fest. His music played by a variety of bands. I got to see old friends. Better yet, there are two more days pt it, including a really fun second line to honor his birthday.

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