Let There Be Light


One of those things.

That you walk by a hundred times. You never really notice. It’s become invisible to you. You see it. It doesn’t register.

Then. Maybe the light was right. Or, a reflection caught your eye. Something happened. Something changed.

You see the thing you didn’t see.

That’s what happened in this picture. There is a little scooter parked along one of the streets that has become a dog route. We don’t always pass that way. When we do, it’s just an obstacle to walk around. Not the other day.

Something caught my eye. I stopped. I made a few pictures. Of the scooter’s headlight. Dogarito wanted to move on. So we did. I didn’t know if I had the time to make any sort of picture. When I finally looked at the LCD I was happily surprised. I get lucky that way. Sometimes.

I did some work to it. That’s what you are looking at. A quick view. A little work in post production and away we go.

One more thing.

A bit of news. A bit of housekeeping. For those of you who find Storyteller on Facebook, it’s is changing. Yes. Again. They are no longer allowing auto distribution starting August 1. If you follow Ray Laskowitz, you will no longer see Storyteller posts unless…

It gets tricky.

I can post by hand adding extra work to my social media workflow. Or, if you follow Laskowitz Pictures on Facebook. That’s my business page. I think, but it is not clear to me, that once a new post gets there it will bounce to my personal page if I follow Laskowitz Pictures. Ugh.

Once again Facebook shows the world that it really doesn’t care about anybody but them. I suppose this is their ham handed way of preventing trolls, Russian bot and fake news. If they keep going in this direction they’ll drive small business away.

In many ways this is good.

I really only post Storyteller on Facebook to lead you here. Some people come. Some don’t. It gets confusing sometimes. A friend of mine posted the video that I couldn’t show you here. He posted it on Facebook.  All I could do was hold my hands up in the classic what do you want from me pose. That doesn’t help me here.

After all, Facebook and WordPress don’t like each other. Actually, Facebook doesn’t like anybody. Like Apple, they really wanted a closed system. Their own little world.



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  1. I think the image is really beautiful, The patterns are particularly nice in the vivid coloring, and I’m glad you gave some backstory. I wasn’t at all sure what I was looking at! Thanks for the warning regarding FB, too. I post my blog to FB for a very few friends who have shown interest but don’t access in the traditional email delivery, and perhaps that won’t work for me any more either. I’ve had a very uneasy on again-off again relationship with FB since Zuckerberg’s original claim that he didn’t know anything about Russian trolls and then we learned FB was paid in rubles. 🙂

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  2. Thank you, Debra. I think mostly, what I talk about is how to see. Or, rather, how I see.

    If I understand the email WordPress sent to me (I pay for Storyteller),you likely won’t be able to auto-distribute. If you do it manually, you shouldn’t have a problem.

    Facebook may have out grown it’s usefulness. Now, they are trying to compensate, which has become over compensating. Unfortunately, one of my heavy marketing partners says that right now, FB is like the telephone book was… you have to be there in order to be found at all. At least for folks like me.


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