Roses are red…

The rain, the park and other things.

Another experiment. With something that’s almost macro, in the very loosest sense. That’s a whole other story.

I was making pictures of some rose petals. I sort of missed the focus on them. Instead, I focused on the rain drops. If I didn’t tell you that, you might not know. Since I teach a lot on Storyteller, I reckon that you better know what my original intent was.

Once I did the basic edit, I started tinkering. And, playing. And, messing around. The usual things. That’s the only way to learn. As I’ve often written, if you don’t like the direction you can change it. Or, just go back to the original with the caveat that the image you made in camera is not what your eye saw. It’s impossible. Your eye is connected to your brain which is the world’s most powerful computer. Your camera’s software can’t come close.

For some reason as bright as the original file was, I wanted the finished image to be muted. I did make some very bright images as well. But, this is the place for me. Almost pastel.