When Storms Pass

After a big storm.

Summer storms.

It’s hot, hot, hot.


Not just in New Orleans. Not just in the United States. All over Europe. All over Asia. Say what you will, but the climate is changing. I don’t remember this kind of hot weather, even in summer. Not like this.

I asked, a while back, where to go for some cool weather. Good luck with that. I read that even Greenland is having a heat wave.

I read a group on Facebook called, “Ain’t Der No Mo’.” Someone was complaining that in the old days the weather people would just call a rain storm, falling rain. Now, they call them what they are. Storms.

My Facebook page was littered with pictures of broken trees. Broken limbs. In some states tornadoes touched down. Cars were twisted, bent and stacked on top of one another. A tourist boat was sunk in Branson, Missouri. At least 11 people died.

Yeah. These are storms. Not some gentle falling rain.

In the Southeast, we are used to this stuff. Supposedly. It is, after all, the tropical storm season. The hurricane season. Hot air finds large bodies of hot water and away you go. A small storm gets refueled making it bigger. More dangerous. Then it reaches land.

I also know what’s coming this weekend. Major heat. With heat indices from 105 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh, and a tropical storm should cross the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall on Sunday. The storm track looks like New Orleans will get a lot of rain and wind.

There is some beauty to this. For about an hour after a storm, the air is drier. Clearer. Brighter. But what falls down must rise up. Pretty soon the hot air is wet again with even more ofย  humidity. Unless you get lucky and feel a breeze. For about ten seconds.

The other post storm beauty is the clouds and the quality of the light. That’s what drew me to this picture. True. I’m back into a heavy tinkering phase. This picture doesn’t need it. It’s fine like it is.

This is it.

Post storm, no heavy processing.

What do you think?

Sometimes I go too far. I know that. I think that I am producing some kind of hybrid art, when really the photograph is strong enough to stand on its own.


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  1. Both are lovely; they’re two different things. The photo IS strong enough to stand on its own…but the new/hybrid thing you made out of it is strong in a different way. Maybe the photo doesn’t “need” tinkering, but the tinkering creates an entirely new work. They say different things to the viewer. More side by sides (like this one) with commentary would be very interesting to me. Kind of like movies with alternate endings, or extended/live versions of songs that are different from the original recordings but stand alone in their own right. For example, I like the live versions of the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense and Pat Metheny’s Travels better than the originals, but you could also say that those tunes didn’t need tinkering. I still like to listen to both versions of each tune. I know this isn’t a perfect analogy since live music will be its very nature be different than recordings because of its very nature (the “live-ness”)…but I’m on a plane with plenty of time to be contemplative online since I paid for wifi. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I think my own probably is with intent. It’s a strange thing but I’m very uncomfortable being an “artist” because I’m not sure what that even means. I am very comfortable being a photographer or photojournalist which is where I started out. I understand your must analogy very well, but for me, I usually settle on one version or another. There is a song called, “Out on the Road” which was okay in the studio. But, it took on a life of its own live. OTH, I hated the whole from which it came, but it was a necessary recording.

      I think, if you look at my pretty much function new website, you’ll see which direction I’m heading. http://www.laskowitzpictures.com


      • Summer heat really generates the energy in those storms. I’ve spent time in the South and know the strength of then. I got somewhat used to the 3 pm summer storms in Florida. You’d pull off and wait 10 minutes. You couldn’t see to drive the water was coming down so hard. It was like driving through a waterfall.

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      • Something like that. You need a big water body nearby for the heat to hoover up the water. We never stop for storms around here. Your neighbors would know you aren’t from around here. Heh!

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  2. I love the photo. It’s a “moody” sky, and that fits the oppressive heat and stifling no-breeze swelter we’re experiencing. Typically we have cool evenings, no matter how high the heat of the day. But not tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • You have me thinking. When I grew up in Long Beach, nobody had an air conditioner. Nor, did we need one. We had about a week of heat in August and maybe a hottish โ€œIndian Summer.โ€ That was it…


  3. We have a never before experienced drought in Ireland. Our Emerald Isle is very brown from the months of sunshine and no rain. The rain has just come thankfully but I agree, this has been the hottest Summer in all of my life. Global warming and cooling is happening.

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