Under the leaf.


I read once that the next big war would not be fought over oil. It would be fought over water. I also read that in this time of proto climate change which includes droughts, higher temperatures around the world and extreme weather events, that there will be more immigration than ever. I read that even though the world’s refugees are fleeing oppressive governments and never-ending war, a large component of their movement is driven by climate and lack of much local water.

Think about that. I do.

In Louisiana we are lucky. Although we face the loss of our coastal land on a daily basis, and are known for powerful storms, tropical storms and hurricanes, we have plenty of water. So much so that the City of New Orleans loses something like 90,000,000 barrels of water weekly through our broken pipes and nobody blinks an eye.

Think about that. I do.

We also don’t have much winter. The weather turns hot about the first week of May, gets somewhat pleasant in late October and finally cools down for a few months. The cooler weather’s window is getting smaller and smaller.

Think about that. I do.

Happy thoughts for a Monday morning, eh?

Or, are they motivating?

You pick. Okay?

The picture. The one that got me thinking this way was made yesterday, after one of our short, but powerful summer storms. I just stuck the lens under the leaf and pushed the button. Nature did most of the work. I just cleaned things up a bit.

Nature generally does most of the work.


  1. Amazing shot, Ray. And yes, I do think about the strain on our natural resources both through climate change and an ever-growing population. But, I can’t ever feature myself telling those poor people to go back where they came from and face almost certain death, either.
    There has to be a better way.

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    1. Thank you, Jacquie. There must be. But, it’s above our pay grades as they say. We really have to think in creative ways because there are just so many of us. I’m not sure the planet can handle it unless we help it.

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  2. I do think about it and it scares me! I went to a symposium seven or eight years ago to hear a climatologist speaking about local drought related topics. One of the things he said was that eventually people living in the western United States would be forced to migrate to Canada because of climate change. He had a lot to say about this and I wondered how Canadians feel about that prediction! At my age I don’t think anything dire is going to affect me too much, but I dearly love my grandchildren and I can’t help but think about them and wonder! And perhaps worry some, too. Your droplets are beautiful. I love the colors!

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    1. Thank you, Debra. I read what I wrote in a Time Magazine about 20 years ago. I think it already is… growing up in California, I don’t remember the extreme heat except for a few days of “Indian Summer.” We didn’t have or need an air conditioner to live in Long Beach. I also don’t remember so many big wildfires.

      In New Orleans, the folks who are really from here don’t remember such a hot early summer. Certainly, it has always been hot and humid. But, not like it is today.

      Just rambling. 🙂


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