Almost a Painting

After the rain.

Well. It looks like a painting.

I didn’t do much to it. I didn’t have to. Nature did it.

I’ve been thinking. About the next six months. The rest of the year. What do I want to do? What don’t I want to do?

I think I’m going to be a little busy. I’ll tell you about it in a bit. But, one thing that I did do was apply for a media credential as Storyteller. We’ll see if they bite. I realized that I have far more of you than the circulation of my first group of newspapers. That amazes me.



      1. Well as can be expected. BTW, that exchange about old style Chinese characters is completely wrong from the commenter’s side. The whole thing started at Ikea with a wolf named after the CEO. From your end, the the actual number is like two characters.

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      2. That guy was just showing off. The number string that you posted refers to Lueng, who is known as the wolf for his allegiance to Beijing’s politics. The number also refers to the number of constituancy leaders who voted for him. Nothing to do with Taiwan and is written in old form characters which is how Cantonese writers read and write as oppose to modern simplified characters which what what Mandarin (most of China) speakers read and write.

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      3. and well I don’t know…each day I just don’t know anymore…perhaps it’s silent time…will do a meditation tomorrow and have a nap too ☺️💫✌️ hugs for a snappy day Ray take care ✌️😊

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