Blue, Blue, Blue

Gooey Blue.


I made this picture that last time that we had rain. Seems like about ten days ago. According to the weather folks, we won’t see rain until sometime next week. That would be good except the temperature is still in the upper 90s and the humidity is in the 80% range. That means there is no time in 24 hours when it isn’t 80 degrees.


The hothouse just got that much closer to the hell house.

After reading a couple of replies here and on other social media, I want to make it clear that while the issues are important, screaming at each other online in the form of social media isn’t helping. It is especially bad when it comes from our so-called leaders. Trump v Warren was the height of stupidity. I don’t listen to the opinionated screams on cable news, nor do I read them in print. Why would I read flailing tweets? It’s like watching two toddlers in a sand box. At least the toddlers are having fun.

For me, it’s all just noise. The signal has been drowned out.

As an old friend of mine used to say, forget the drama. Get back to the process.

Oh wait. I forget that the process is broken. Broken by the very people who are suppose to protect and us it.

Sheesh. That’s one more thing on my to do list.

Mondays are never easy.








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