The Longest Day

Forest during solstice.

The longest day. Summer solstice.

Hot. Humid. Wet. Green.

Summer in the swamp. It’s finally arrived even though it’s been hot since very early May, as it always is. It’s just official now. Oddly, from now on the days get shorter. And, hotter and wetter. Rain falls more often. Maybe there will be a big tropical storm or two. Maybe even a hurricane. We are due. Hurricanes danced all around us last year, but our last one hit in 2011. Seven years is a long time in the Gulf Coast states.

No worries. We aren’t worried. Prepared? Yes. Worried? Not so much.

The kids. The ones in cages.

Don’t blink twice.

The orange skinned liar in the White house signed a piece of paper. Essentially it says INS can imprison whole families now. And, they can be tried by U.S. Military J.A.G. lawyers which is illegal since immigrants — here legally or illegally — are not members of the U.S. military.

More importantly, is what it doesn’t say. For instance how are all of the 2000 plus children going to be reunited with their families? How about the ones that were flown from a border state to someplace further north? And, where are the infants, toddlers and girls?

And, while this bit of sleight of hand was happening what about Paul Ryan? The sleezebag speaker of the house. He wants to balance the budget — which he helped blow up — by reducing Social Security and Medicare. Of course, he forgets that’s my money, not the government’s money. I’ve paid for years into the system that he wants to break.

I’ve never ever wanted to turn Storyteller into a political blog. This is a place for art. And, my silly ramblings. But, I’ve had enough. I cannot stand by and watch my country, and some of yours’ too, get torn to pieces.



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