Don’t Stop

Within and without.

Two things today.

The first is about this picture.

It’s brand new. Like, really brand new. Like, hours old. But, here’s thing. I didn’t do much post production to it at all. The cedar leaf looks like it is layered into the bigger leaf. It isn’t. In the old days, we’d call it shutter drag. If we used a flash to help it, we’d use rear curtain synch. With an iPhone? I have no idea. I’m going to figure out how I fooled the camera’s processor so that I can do this again. Doing it again is a useful technique. Doing it once is just an accident.

The second.

It’s about the kids in cages. I’m sure you all know their story. It’s indefensible. Something happened yesterday that scared me. I received an email from a friend of mine. It was a group email so it wasn’t written just to me. He was mostly talking about the passing of his tribe… the people with whom he grew up. He mentioned that one of his grade school friends names popped into his head. He Googled her and found that she died in 2016. Where did the time go? This happens to all of us at a certain age. After all, our time on earth isn’t unlimited. That doesn’t meaning our leaving isn’t sad for those who remain.


What he wrote at the end terrified me. He acknowledged that Trump and his administration had truly crossed any line of human decency by putting children in cages. Then he said it… He didn’t write more because he was tired. He was beaten down by the daily onslaught of Trump and his minions. He has about given up.

No. No. No.

That’s why we are a team. We all get tired. We all hand off to the next person while we rest. And, so and so on and so on.

Talk to me if you are tired. There might not be much that I can do. But, I can listen. Where I come from we say to “tell another human being.” It makes our burdens easier to know that we are not alone.

We cannot lose this one.


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