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Leading the band…

One time. One night.

A second line. A commercial one. In the French Quarter.

In theory, I’m going to walk out the door and photograph a real second line tonight, Uptown to memorialize Tee-Eva. The 83-year-old legend who passed early last week. I’m pretty sure this will be a big second line, assuming that the weather cooperates. We are expecting a big storm. Around here, these days, that means flooding. That, and the start time is a little odd — 6pm. I’ll have to sneak across Uptown during rush hour.

That’s okay.

The hardest part of taking a picture is often getting there.

Of course, the other issue is motivation. Now where did that go? An old friend and photographer commented to my post via Facebook, saying that it was a whole lot easier chasing light when we could make a little money from it. I suppose that he’s correct. As much as I have finally accepted the title of “artist,” I’m still motivated by cash. After all, dogs need high quality food.

You know, the pictures I make on the streets of cultural events have no value to anybody. In fact, they might cost money because the people in the pictures always want free copies. That’s okay. Without them in the picture, there would be no picture.



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