Archive Two

Rain in the Bywater.

Sideways rain.

We had what I like to call after a Jimmy Buffett song, “God’s own rain.” The skies darkened in early afternoon. The rain fell. Sideways. Straight down. Upside down. The thunder rumbled to the point that I thought the sky was tearing in two. Then the lightning hit. The world went into overdrive.

It stopped as quickly as it started.

A gentle rain fell until around dusk. I went outside with the dogs. Wonder of wonders. The air was cool. Breezy. No humidity. We hung outside for a while.

This morning. It is hot if you stood in the sun. If you stood under the trees, it is cool, dry and wonderful. Breakfast was served outside. Normally we don’t do that. Even though we deal with hot summers, nobody is quite ready to start their day under the hot, wet blanket that we call air.

The picture. Archive Day Two. The picture was made in a big rain storm somewhere in The Bywater. When The Bywater still felt like a community. That was back in the days when I used to do drive by shootings. With a camera. Not a weapon.

Oh yeah. I’m posting this at around 1:45p my time. The windows are still open. The air conditioner is not running.



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