Spanish Moss

Southern summer.

Down in the south.

I was looking for an icon. I found one. Almost right in front of me.

Spanish moss.

It’s not limited to New Orleans. Or, even Louisiana. You can find it all over the south. It is commonly found growing on Live Oaks or Bald Cypress. It is grows in a region as far north as Arkansas and Southern Virginia, west into Texas, and all of the southern states. Of course, I’m leaving out its world-wide impact. That’s for another day.

The tree in the picture is an Oak.

I just looked up and thought “oh yeah, that stuff.”

I did a little work in post production, but that’s mostly because I had to actually develop it because I used a real camera instead of a smart phone. That made me happy. I think it’s about process.

Make no mistake. I think newer smartphones are perfectly capable of handling daily situations. If you have one, you certainly have a camera at all times. You know what they say about that. “The best camera is the one that you have with you.”


There’s no process to it. Oh sure, you can use something like Snapseed to work on your pictures. That’s fine as it goes. But, that’s it.

I’m an old school photographer. One of a few who actually liked the stink of the darkroom. I like the process of making a photograph from start to finish. Of course, the process has gotten easier working outside of a darkroom. That doesn’t mean that it should be eliminated.

It makes me happy.

Back to real pictures. With real cameras.



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