Grass seeds.

Yes. Sometimes.

Nature turns me into a liar. Just when I said that there is no new color, there was. This color isn’t going to be good for anybody. These flowers produce grass seeds. I don’t know one person who isn’t allergic to the pollen they also produce. Me included. Back to the Clariton.

Just when I thought I got out. I was pulled back in. Tell me who said that in a famous movie. It was from a maybe the third film of the collection. But, earlier film in the series there was a horse head in bed.


I’ve been moving towards the new website. One of you received the email but there was no picture attached to it. So, it’s off to work I go. Again. That’s fine because Networked Blogs, the folks who function as a distribution widget on WordPress, just announced that they were closing down as of about June 10th. They offered their new service called Symphony which starts at $29 per month. Right. I put Storyteller on three social media sites. There are others. Some cost some money, others are free for what I want to do, which is very simple distribution. Shopping around also reinforced the thinking that I dislike. Most of these services are set up so that the user can find someone else’s content and share it on a time schedule on their blog or social network.

I’m getting the feeling that the few of us who actually create our own work (content) are either being stupid or we are worth far more than we know. Maybe those of us who have gotten to know each other through WordPress should explore the idea of selling our work to other blogs. It’s just a thought. A passing thought.

The picture. I saw it. I crawled around on my hands and knees and photographed it. I added a lot of color. And, stuff.


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