All These Things

After the rain.

A change in seasons.

A change in thinking. It started last week. A friend said, in comments, that my mother raised a good son. I said thank you. But, but, but…

You know how that goes. And, how it still goes.

It seems like everything is a trigger. A song. A smell. A book. A movie. A picture.

You know.

It’s interesting. A lot of stuff has been coming out of closets. Sort of a spring cleaning. There are boxes along a couple of walls.

What a great metaphor.

Boxes along the walls. All these things.

The pictures. Clouds are fun to photograph. I think you just need some kind of a subject in the foreground. That’s what I tried to do in both pictures. Oh… the bottom picture was made through my car’s windshield.

Big storm coming.


  1. There’s something slightly melancholy about the pictures, and the musing. In a contemplative way. Your words make several haiku (some in the 5-7-5 we learned in junior high which some haiku snobs now disdain, and some not).

    As in:

    a change in thinking
    everything is a trigger
    you know how that goes


    it started last week:
    “your mother raised a good son” –
    “thank you, but, but, but…”

    or even:

    spring cleaning
    boxes along the walls
    all these things

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    1. Yes. It is. This particular holiday generally sends me on a mental and emotional journey through the past. We didn’t study haiku at all, so I barely understand it. On the other hand, we did study Latin, which we all barely understood. 🙂 I went to a Catholic school so what can I say? I see my kind of writing — when I do it — as sort of a song lyric.


      1. It depends on where in FLA. If you were on the Atlantic side, it’s humid but you have some pretty good breezes to make it feel better. If you were on the gulf side, same as us except you have prettier water. 🙂

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