A flower too far.

You’ve seen this flower in the past week or so.

I decided to use another version of it. I tinkered with it. I made about ten versions of it before this one called out to me.


I just wanted to see what the original picture looked like with different treatments.

I see this work as something that could be huge. Floor to ceiling in size. Not quite as wallpaper, but as something that is used to break up a plain wallpaper. Something like five or six widths of tan wallpaper, then this one, taking up two or three widths and so on. It would take a huge room.

Oh well.

I can dream, can’t I?

The reality is that this is a tiny flower that I tinkered with after I made the picture. I suppose understanding photographic realities of sharpness and optics is why I think in terms of wall paper. It doesn’t have to be tack sharp.

And, so it goes.