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I found a flower.

I found a flower. A tiny translucent thing. I’ve seen them before. When they are a little older. They are pale yellow. This one is young. You can see through its petals. It is such a gentle thing that I was afraid to get too near.

Enjoy it as it is. I’m certain that if someone doesn’t pick it, it won’t look quite like it did when I made the picture. And, that’s one of the best things about photography. We stop time. As it was. For a  millisecond.

I’ve been thinking about two other things.

I think that I’ve been going too far in post production. Unless I am truly making a piece of art that is beyond the real world as I saw it, I’m stretching things out too much. I’m a photographer. Not a painter.


Tom Wolfe. Where are the words from all the writers who read Storyteller? I’m guessing that many of you are youngish, you’ve never read him. You should. Most of you fancy yourselves to be rule breakers. He broke them all. His writing style was hmm, sort of flamboyant, But, his words brought you there. He immersed himself in his subject, not by doing some googling research, but by being there. Oh wait. That’s a title by Jerzy Kosinski. Have you read that?

I was taught that in order to write, you have to read. And, read widely. Not just from your favorite genre. I was also taught that in order for your work to be read it had to be original. It had to break new ground in both plot and writing.

I know these things to be true. And, I’m a lowly photographer. The guy who works in an art that anybody can do. Writing is different. It’s hard. You must live it. Really live it.




  1. I admit that I’ve never read him. He’s on my list. I’m neck-deep in Dostoyevsky at the moment, and have posts about that and tons of other things in the mix. I have over 200 draft posts, many of which are at 2k to 5k words. Time. –and pain, which drives me to squander time as a cheap and only-temporarily-effective anesthetic. They prevent me from getting to him sooner. I will enter his name at the Eucharistic offering, though.

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    • Gregory, I’m pretty sure that you are far busier than most of the aspiring authors that
      I read. Academic work is — to my mind — a lot more difficult than writing a novel. After all, your research must be pristine.


  2. I’m not a writer, beyond my bog, but I am a reader! I have had a lifetime of reading Tom Wolfe and I think I’ve always been in awe. When “A Man in Full” was published I made my way to one of his signings and short speaking engagements. I was almost tongue-tied when I approached him, but he was very personable. I have collected signed books for years, but his is one of my most treasured, and I might end up blogging more about it at some point.

    Your photograph of the beautiful flower is really lovely. I enjoy the “up close” detail!

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    • The funny thing is the couple of you who replied are not trying to write a book. 😂

      I had not read “A Man in Full.” I will.

      The only signed book I have is “Tom Sawyer.” It was a library book that I happened to “lose” when I saw his signature. It cost me about $20 in lost book fees.

      Thank you. I’m not a nature photographer, but… 🍄🌺🌹🌸


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