Clouds Two Ways

A threatening storm.

A few clouds as dusk comes. It’s sort of a gulf coast thing. But, no rain. Just a little wind. And, some theatrical color making for some good photographs.

I’d call this photographer’s luck. But, the clouds were dancing around all day. I just had to pick my moment. That’s a little lesson for today. Make pictures whenever you want, whenever you can, but be patient. The color will come if you just let it. So will the pictures.

There is something very cool about this post. WordPress, in their wisdom, now allows us to open and post on a page that looks like the one on a big machine while using something more portable like my iPad Pro. This changes things. A lot of things. Everything. The timing is especially good since my magic keyboard for my iMac is starting to fail. I have another, but it’s lost in the digital closet from hell.

The pictures. Lots of post to bring out what inspired me to make them. All of the work was done using Snapseed on this very iPad. I’ve also downloaded Affinity, which replaces all Adobe software including Photoshop and Lightroom. The businessman in me likes that. Pay for it once and updates are free, unlike Adobe who forces you to pay monthly… forever.

Darker clouds.


  1. I’m encouraged by what you’re sharing because my Macbook is becoming very unreliable. I may need to begin experimenting with my iPad. I have only recently starting using Snapseed and having some fun with it. There is so much about editing that I don’t know, but at least I can have some fun with that app. I have hundreds of photos of skies with clouds. I don’t think they’re very outstanding, but I just take them because sometimes no matter how “hemmed in” I feel by crowds of people and activity, when you look up, it’s open and beautiful. Love this photo!


    1. What’s wrong with your Macbook? Usually, they just die without giving notice. If they start acting up, it;s usually because the hard drive needs cleaning and the trash emptied.

      Snapseed is a good way to learn quickly, but it really is just a start. OTH, if you like it, it is fairly unlimited in what you can do without creating masks and and all of that.


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