Yes. Sometimes. Nature turns me into a liar. Just when I said that there is no new color, there was. This color isn’t going to be good for anybody. These flowers produce grass seeds. I don’t know one person who isn’t allergic to the pollen they also produce. Me included. Back to the Clariton. Just […]

“The Storyteller makes no choice, soon you will not hear his voice, his job is to shed light and not to master.” — John Mayer on the day of the start of The Dead and Company summer tour. That day would be today. This is the most humbling quote that I’ve read in a long, […]

Summertime. And, the livin’ is easy. Around here, we’ve been livin’ easy for the last month. Memorial Day sort of marks the emotional start to summer. June 20th  marks the summer solstice. The longest day of the year. From there the days grow shorter. Of course, we don’t realize that until the days are short. […]

Memorial Day. Flowers for the fallen. I participated in a couple of events today, so I’m a bit late posting. No matter. Those that I honored are late every day. Or early. Depending on how you look at it. After a quick scan of Facebook, I saw about a million posts of flags. And, crosses. […]

A change in seasons. A change in thinking. It started last week. A friend said, in comments, that my mother raised a good son. I said thank you. But, but, but… You know how that goes. And, how it still goes. It seems like everything is a trigger. A song. A smell. A book. A […]

Storms. Storm season starts on June 1. It ends on November 30. Today is May 26. Guess what? It started. We are under tropical storm watch, which will turn into a tropical storm warning some time tomorrow. We are also under a storm surge watch. The first named storm of the year, called Alberto, is […]

You’ve seen this flower in the past week or so. I decided to use another version of it. I tinkered with it. I made about ten versions of it before this one called out to me. Because. I just wanted to see what the original picture looked like with different treatments. I see this work […]

Springtime. Er, summer down here in the swamp. Hot and humid. Wet and drippy. And, some of the trees look like they were photographed during the fall. Trust me. They were photographed in the last two days. On dog walks. Morning dog walks. She isn’t stupid. She likes going out early or late in the […]

I stumbled upon this picture last night. Well, stumble isn’t the right word. Maybe, this picture punched me in the face would be better. Because. Remember this? Well, the first picture is what happens when the flower finally fills out to its fullest form. And, you work around dusk where you cannot help but get […]