Spring grasses.

Something really new.

It’s not that I haven’t been trying. I’ve tried to make this picture for a couple of weeks. I’ve failed for a couple of weeks. When you use a smart phone at this level it’s sort of point and shoot. You get what you get.


My spring picture. Grasses growing taller in a sort of forested area. This is one that says a lot to me. More than leaf pictures. More than tree pictures. More than spring bud pictures. This picture means summer is soon upon us. This means I’ll be searching for a new home. For the summer. The heat and the humidity have gotten the better of all of us.  By us, I mean most of the people who live in New Orleans.

Usually, weird stuff happens in the summer. More shootings. Fewer tourists. Closed restaurants. Possible hurricanes. Evacuations. I don’t want to deal with it. After all, we celebrated last Sunday with a running gun battle that left seven wounded, including a cop, one dead and cars crashed along the length of the city, from St. Roch to Uptown. At one point, the police report just said “wounded multiples.” Yep. That’s my city. My home.

I’m not sure where. Or, when. I’d like it to be in a place with cooler air. Little humidity. And, no news. Maybe way Eastern Canada. A young blogging buddy of mine is spending her summer on Prince Edward Island. It’s way out there. That sounds about right. I could spend my time ignoring clients. Killing my career. And, take pictures of the seacoast. And, lighthouses. Did I mention lighthouses?


The picture. It’s kinda point and shoot. I guess you just have to know what you are pointing out. I did some post production. But, not much. I cleaned things up a bit, typed in my watermark and added the frame.

Oh, and about that watermark. My signature looks too ratty. I’m staying fairly put. Maybe I’ll find some gentler type.