Glowing skies.

Happy Earth Day.

I had something else planned for today until I realized the date. Since so many of my later images are nature-based what else could I do? Luckily, I saved this picture. I made it earlier this week.


We are under a tornado warning with thunderstorms expected for the rest of Sunday. Worse, for me, I had a whole day of pictures planned. More tall ships. Westbank Super Sunday. A neighborhood second line. And, Bark at the Park. I couldn’t have gotten to all of them and done a good job. Still.

Now. Nothing. Nada. The tall ships likely won’t raise their sails. The Indians won’t risk damaging their suits. The second line might still roll. But, likely not. Bark at the Park — like The Krewe of Barkus, only brand new — cancelled their event yesterday because of weather predictions. They were right to do that.


I have plenty of stuff to do around home today. Spring cleaning needs to be done. I need to do a lot of paperwork including some billing… if the dogs want to eat. And, I’m experimenting with some things. Check out my signature. I’ve been thinking that my normal copyright watermark seems too formal and rigid. That’s fine for clients and business. But, not so fine for here. You can make water marks that don’t look quite so legal and still do the job.

I looked at some online. You sign something and the app makes a watermark. It costs money for this process. Yeah? Really? Why? All they did was borrow from Apple and Google who have their own picture storage and post production systems. You can easily make a signature watermark. It takes a long time. Maybe ten seconds. I did this one in Apple. My signature needs a little work. It’s missing the circle that I use to dot the “i” in Laskowitz, and a long slash in which I cross the “t” You know what they say. Dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s.” I didn’t this time. I’ll modify it next time. I’d also like to scrawl a copyright symbol in front of the date.  And figure out how to change color.

Maybe next time. No. Wait. Next time is finished already. I replaced next time with today’s picture.

And, speaking of this picture. We’ve had some wonderful spring days. Cool in the morning. Warm in the afternoon. Great light. I’ve wasted many of them. I wasn’t going to waste today. Instead, it sort of wasted me. That’s the deal with nature. And, life. Use when you have it. You never know when you won’t.