A toddler’s art.

Once upon a time, I found some kind of hand-made folk art on a tennis court. It was kind of spooky. It looked like a voodoo spell being casted. Some of you may remember it.

Well, not this time.

A toddler made this for me. It was her gift to me. But, she didn’t want it to be moved even though it was made in a public space. So, I asked her if I could photograph it. You can see the obvious answer. She thought it was really cool. Yes. That was the word she used. Now, she wants a print of it for her room. How much should I charge a four-year old? I’m thinking one cookie and a hug. Everybody needs a toddler’s hug.

That’s about it. Little Miss arranged the flowers and twigs. All I did was document her art, crop it and clean it up a bit in post production. By the way, what I’m calling flowers are nature’s flowers. In most places they are called weeds. They drop pollen and make you sneeze. Luckily I’m not allergic to them. They are everywhere.