Laziness Setting In

Hungry clouds.

You might recognize this color approach from yesterday’s post. I used on the dog who sees stuff. I was just playing around, but it seemed to work on this picture.

The original picture wasn’t much. When I made it I saw the shape of the trees as a giant mouth eating the clouds. When I looked at it afterwards, I thought “What was I thinking?” I messed with it anyway. Adding the dog’s processing to it, I turned it into something else. Something a little more special.

Now, you have a window into my brain. A mouth eating clouds, indeed.

They tell me that people want to know more about the people they follow. In the entertainment business that’s a real big deal. It’s not enough to make new music, a new film, a new book or new art. People want to know about the people doing it. They (You) want a glimpse into our lives. For me, that cuts both way. If I share something about me, I want to know about you. After all, I’m not a big time entertainer. I’m not even a big time artist. I just stumble along like everybody else.

That said.

Here’s this. A friend of mine sent me an email. He had a big birthday. He is hobbled by some of the same things that plague me. Much more so than me. He took a short road trip to test his road worthiness. He sort of failed.

His email was about that and his decision not to come to New Orleans because he perceives it as a walking city. For the most part, for tourists and travelers it is. I think eventually, I’m going to go to him. That’s good because I’ve been promising myself a non-business road trip for the last couple of years. Besides, he lives in New Mexico and I’m really missing the state just about now.

I haven’t replied to his email mostly because I don’t know how to. I do know this. I’m sure he’s pretty depressed about the whole thing. When I write back I’ll tell him that I’m pretty depressed about it too. As much as his email is about him, it’s also about me. It takes a huge effort for me to keep going. I’m doing very well right now. The new bed is working wonders. But…


Now it’s your turn.

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