Something About Flowers

Experiment, a grand one.

The rain on Saturday. We mostly stayed inside. We watched Netflix. And, Amazon Prime. Eventually, I got a little bored.


I started playing around. Tinkering. Experimenting.

I may have gone a little too far. There are 29 layers in this picture. It started with a human face. You might see the eyes near the top. I wanted to add flowers to the face. That didn’t quite work, so I kept going and going and going…

You know how storm days are. Time has no meaning. Light has no meaning. Meaning has no meaning. The only thing I  had to even think about was the weather wimps, or as you know them, the dogs. They refuse to go out in the rain until they absolutely have to. If we get into about 18 or 19 hours of rain, I force them out. It’s not healthy for them. They go out. They race back inside where warm towels are waiting for them. They like that.


That’s how I made this picture. A big storm. A dark day. And, boredom. I’m sorry. If you ask me what I did, I can’t tell you. It’s not that I won’t tell you. I just kept tinkering until I found the picture. The one that I like. The one that you see.


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