On the ground.

I was out walking. The dog who sees things accompanied me. She saw this. But, just the shapes. Not the color. The brightly colored circles caught my eye.¬† She — the dog — doesn’t see color like that. Dogs see monochromatically. That’s fine for them because their noses know.

I saw them. Circles. I think a space alien put them there. Or, a little kid. I’m not even sure what they are. They are round. Obviously. They are brightly colored. I thought that they might be rubber bands. Nope. They are made of hard material and have almost no flexibility.

I brought a couple of them home. I’ll photograph them and let Google Images do its thing. That may work. Since I don’t know what to call these things, Googling in the normal manner might not be of much help.


That’s life. Sometimes you find the thing you want. Often you don’t. For this discussion, things can be anything. Finding stuff on the ground often comes to mind. But, what if you are searching for something more specific? A partner? A new life philosophy? Even validation of your life or work?

I’ve come to think that the more you search, the harder it is to find the thing that you are chasing. You tangle yourself up in yourself. Your searching may scare the thing you want away from you.

That’s why I let pictures come to me. I think they’ll find me easy enough if I just look and see.

If you have read this far, you’ll notice that I haven’t cited any examples. That’s because I can only speak for myself. If I commented on another’s approach I would just be¬†blathering. I don’t know enough about another’s head, heart and soul.

You work with intent. With vision. But, that’s an overarching set of concepts. The rest — the notion of letting a thing come to you — lies within them.

The picture. You know that I found it almost by accident. But, there was a framework. The dog who sees things likes a little plot of grass where I found the circles. She sniffs around. She gives me time to look. To see. She is patient when I start to work.

You know how I found it. My entire post is about that. My post production is mostly about highlighting color without getting otherworldly. Some of my production outtakes look like the world from neon hell.