Like Some Other Place

Looking Southwestern.

This one fooled me.

While I was developing and tinkering with this photograph, I had the strangest sensation. The picture looks like it was made in some other place. It almost looks southwestern. Like I made it in New Mexico. The Christmas colored trees almost look like the high desert. So does the sky.

Note, the word “almost.”

There is a kind of light in New Mexico that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. It’s the reason that some many visual artists make their home in the state.  At it’s best the light is sharp, angular, powerful and turns golden well before the golden hour. The skies are a particular shade of blue. There is sunshine most of the year. When the skies get cloudy and rain or snow falls, photographers run around like mad trying use that different kind of light.  I miss it.


I saw this scene and I knew that I had to step back. Many of my semi-nature images are made very tightly. That’s kind of my style. I did make many of those kinds of pictures when I took this one. You saw one yesterday. It was made a few steps away from this photograph. I have another one that I may show you at a later date.

I do think this particular frame does highlight our Southeastern Louisiana spring. One tree looks like fall. The other looks like very early summer, with its green all nice and bright.

Oh. One more thing.

My Christmas color comment. It’s a New Mexican way of saying red and green. It usually applies to food. Anybody who has visited or lived there knows what I’m saying. For the rest of you, you’ll just have to ask. Heh, heh, heh.

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