Trees. Too.

Look up.

Trees. Day two.

The vibrant colors of spring always catch my eye. As summer arrives and heads towards fall, the greens get less vibrant, the air seems a little stagnant and things just aren’t so full of promise.

But, spring.

That’s the time for me.

I like fall well enough, mostly because I know we’ll soon get a break from the swamp’s heat and humidity.

But, spring.

If there is one thing to take away from this picture, it’s this. Look around. All around. Look down. Look up. Look behind you. Keep doing it if you like to photograph nature because every day is a different day.

That’s a good first step to seeing. Really seeing.

Easy. Right?


  1. Down here in France its still a little wintery, with gales, snow and some sunny days. We seem to have a later spring, but them the hot weather goes onto end of October. But a lot is due to ours being the cow area and mountainous region in the South, the rain and hot bursts of sunshine grow pasture. But I am glad when it does break in April and we get our runs of four days of absolute glorious sunshine. Many years ago I toured Florida and it was humid and very swampy in places. Lots of Spanish moss hanging on the trees.

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    1. Hi Judy. You’re in France now? For how long? I’ve actually been posting not from home. 🙂 But, I know what home is like now. The gulf side of Florida is a lot like we are. Very hot, very humid especially in the summer. We have swamp, but it’s really not near us because most has been built out, which is why we have sinkholes and broken streets. And, there is plenty of Spanish Moss around. Not in our hood, but at parks and like that.


      1. Spring was aways my favorite because it makes the end of a very long winter of snow and ice in Central NY State. There August was my least favorite not because it wasn’t beautiful but because it makes the coming of a long period of snow ice and cold. You can’t tell I didn’t appreciate winter can you?


      2. Where in NY? I was born south of you in Brooklyn. In NOLA August is our least favorite month because of heat and humidity. And, it’s the most violent month of hurricane season.


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