Sometimes nature is amazing. The colors. The details. Rebirth. It all is wonderful. Even if you can almost set your calendar by it. Down here, spring starts early. By the first or second week of February. I’m sorry about those of you who still have snow on the ground. Really, I am. We’ve already been […]

  “Right outside this lazy summer home You ain’t got time to call your soul a critic no Right outside the lazy gate of winter’s summer home Wondering where the nut-thatch winters Wings a mile long just carried the bird away Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world The […]

A little more experimentation. A little more trickery in post production. And, a lot of red. Once again, I combined something man-made with something found in nature. The component that was found in nature is easy to identify. It’s a tree. I’ll let you guess about the man-made object. It’s fairly common. But, I doubt […]

I made this. Well, I assembled it in post production from four individual pictures. One of the most dominating pictures is something that might not even occur to you. We use a Nespresso machine around this place. Some people think it’s a little pricey to use everyday. I don’t. We like good coffee. If we […]

Shapes. In nature. I could try to make the same ones. I wouldn’t come close. It’s best that I just make photographs of what I see. And, show them to you. This is a walking picture. With the dog who sees things. The light was wonderful. Strong and low, with deep shadows. I stopped and […]

Rocks. Broken Wood. Sticks. New growth in the middle of all of that. The dog found it with her inquisitive nose. All I did was make the picture. And, frame it on the scene. And, further reframe it in post production, where I also made the image sparkling and glowing. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that […]

Something really new. It’s not that I haven’t been trying. I’ve tried to make this picture for a couple of weeks. I’ve failed for a couple of weeks. When you use a smart phone at this level it’s sort of point and shoot. You get what you get. Finally. My spring picture. Grasses growing taller […]

I saw these little purple flowers while I was walking. I’m not sure that they are indigenous to Southeast Louisiana. The neighbors planted them near the street. But, they sure are pretty. And, they caught my eye. I made the picture, came home and started my usual tinkering. This image is the result. I posted […]

Happy Earth Day. I had something else planned for today until I realized the date. Since so many of my later images are nature-based what else could I do? Luckily, I saved this picture. I made it earlier this week. Because. We are under a tornado warning with thunderstorms expected for the rest of Sunday. […]