And, Then Again

Really young child on the scene.

Finally. I’ve managed to put together enough time to actually paint a portrait of Super Sunday . At least as I see it.

It’s about celebration and joy and energy and color. It’s a little spiritual, traditional and ritualistic.

It’s an incredible experience. When a lot of people say something like, “Only in New Orleans,” this is one event that you’ll never see anyplace else. Oh sure, a lot of cities across the country celebrate Mardi Gras Day. But, it ain’t the same.

Sometimes it’s just sad. When I lived in New Mexico, I went to Mardi Gras in Albuquerque’s Old Town. They tried. I cried. It was the most depressing Mardi Gras Day I’ve ever been to.¬† I realized that they didn’t understand our New Orleans culture. You see it in the food too. There are “Cajun” restaurants all over the place. I’m always disappointed. Someone once tried to foist¬† some meat and cheese on a hot dog bun on me. They called it a po’boy.

Yeah. Right.

At the end of the day, you just have to be in New Orleans. You have to get out of the French Quarter and into the neighborhoods. You have to eat in local food places. You have to eat our street food. You have to dance in the streets.

Whew. What a semi-rant.

Rolling up Washington.

Meanwhile, back to last Sunday’s big event. Uptown Super Sunday. These pictures are my view. Kinda. Sometimes, I miss pictures. Sometimes, I’m in the wrong place. Sometimes, I need to take a break and just sit. I let the pictures come to me, rather than chasing around trying to photograph everything. Focus on one place. Photograph the people I know. And, share my images with them.

Bang, bang, bang.
The whole tribe.
Smiling queen.

The pictures. You know what I’m going to say. F8 and be there. Photograph what you see. Don’t look for some pre-conceived subject. Let the pictures unfold in front of you. Don’t put blinders on looking for the picture you have in mind. The ones you saw in a book or online. Make other pictures. Different pictures. maybe, even better pictures.

And, that’s Super Sunday 2018.