In black and white.


Ever so slowly. Because, I’m still recovering from a long and gruelling weekend.

The story so far. I’ve managed to download, backup and curate the images from four events. But, I seem to run out of steam early in the afternoon. So I cherry pick for you. At other times I sleep. I did way too much of that yesterday. I have a couple of big projects that need doing. They are going to need doing for the rest of the week.

Of course, my images must come first. So, today I think it’s this work. Walking the dogs. And, hitting the gym. That may not sound like much. But developing and fine tuning this work is very time-consuming. At least ten hours. Dog walks take about an hour and there are at least two. The gym also takes about an hour. Obviously, I won’t complete the photo work today.

That said, here’s my Super Sunday picture for today. I like it because of the black and white, highlighted by the touches of red. I think this guy is a Wildman. But, he turned away from me so quickly and got lost in the crowd that I couldn’t talk to him. Or, he could be repping something else. He comes very close to being masked as a skull and bones member. That’s sort of a violation of street code. Know who you photograph. Since Storyteller is distributed to Facebook and Twitter, maybe somebody will jump in and tell me. Please.


I’m sort of struggling with next steps. A lot of you here and on Facebook really liked my Sunday art work. I think that’s my direction forward. But, I’m a photojournalist at heart. And, the crosses at sunset seemed to confirm that with a lot of you. What do y’all think?

Trust me. I do listen. Tim suggested that I photograph the funeral first and I did. He helped me gain clarity. Sometimes, you just need to listen to somebody outside of your family.

Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at or For a quick look at my work please go to

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  1. I am forever drawn to your portraits and the way you connect. You love every line, every movement, every backstory – you respect your subjects. They are your Mona Lisa. Brass bands, dancing children – you find beauty in the depths of us. You find the sparkle in every eye, be it happy or sad – you get to the soul of us. I adore those moments the most. I feel humanity pulsing through those photos. It’s that feeling that has me opening every STORYTELLER email post for the past 6 years. You are my Annie Leibowitz.


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    1. I read this yesterday. I still don’t know what to say. Your words are very humbling to me. When you get close to a thing, you rarely see it for what it is. You brought me back to that. Thank you, thank, thank you.


  2. I truly believe that chefmargot said it best and far better that I could have. Thank you chefmargot.
    To answer your question about the future. This was not one of your options – keeping well is a priority. Then you have should be able to balance what you feel meets your needs. Artistic focus with continuing your photojournalistic approach? From an outsiders perspective it would nice to see both. I seem to believe that you are best known for your photojournalism. It’s nice to occasionally have that pat on the back for thing what you know and that you are good at. Deep down, it’s your call.
    By the way, I huge pat on the back for the stunning image you posted today. Is this the second of the three? A simple WoW just does not express my enthusiasm well enough for the last two.
    Get so rest.


    1. Twenty years of pure photojournalism is hard to shake. I was bred to be that. When I left that, I mostly did a lot of work in the NatGeo approach. Still photojournalism in a way. That’s kind of how I think. So, when a lot of people like my leaves and trees as I posted on Sunday, I’m always sort of stunned.

      Thank you for your kind words about these last couple of pictures. It really means a lot.

      I’m far better today — thank you for that — but now I’m buried . I did manage to develop all of Super Sunday. Today, it’ll be the Saturday work. By the time I finish with everything, it’ll be Easter sunday and the parades to celebrate that. This still doesn’t account for my paid work. Sheesh.


      1. Well I’m glad your better. Life seems to be an effort to catch up. Ugh.

        You’re welcome on the words. I’m falling a bit behind on looking at WordPress. I’m leaving for Taiwan to photograph a curatorial project my wife has been doing for the last 9 years. I’m trying to review 8 years of images for a potential exhibition. That seems to be a challenge as well. I can say we’re board.

        Since journalism is in your blood it’s not easy to rid yourself of doing it. Your instincts seem to work in that direction. Transition slowly? Let it happen is what I’m told. I’m still trying to figure that out but maybe were no suppose to.


      2. Yeah, we are getting ready to hit the road for a couple of long weeks too. You’ll see a lot of my artistic attempts during that time. 🙂

        I always say let the pictures come to you, which is about the same as “let it happen.” But, for right now at least, I keep getting pulled back by nobody but myself.


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